Pane Carasau

Crispybread "Carasau" is a typical Sardinian bread that looks like a round, thin, crispy pastry made of durum semolina flour, water and salt.


Thanks to its versatility, it is a valuable ally at the table, matches perfectly with cheeses and salamis. It is ideal for the preparation of quick and delicious snacks and appetizers, both sweet and salty.


A simply bread with a complex preparation which needs skilled hands. The crispy bread of Fratelli Carta is produced with the aid of state of the art machineries that put into practice the ancient procedures in the respect of the tradition. Thanks to its limited  caloric intake, this product is particularly suitable for a healthy and balanced diet.




 Ingredients                                               Nutrition facts  Technical Information                                        
 • Grinded durum wheat;
 • Water;
 • Salt;
 • Brewer's yeast;

 • Calories: 355 (1507) Kcal (kJ)
 • Protein: 12,2 g
 • Carbohydrates: 72,5 g
   wherein sugar: 1,9 g
 • Fat: 1,8 g
   wherein saturated fat: 0,3 g
 • Dietary fiber: 2,1 g
 • Sodium: 0,6 g 

• Expiry date:180 days
• Packing (package of 300gr and 500gr):
  - box: cm L. 55 x P. 39 x  H. 20,02
  - n° boxes per layer on pallet: 4
  - n° layers per pallet: 10
 • Packing (package of 1000gr):
  - box: cm L. 37 x P. 37 x  H. 27
  - n° boxes per layer on pallet: 6
  - n° layers per pallet: 8






Pane Carasau
package of 300 gr.
• Packs per box: 20
• EAN code: 8 007157000251
• Download PDF:
Pane Carasau
package of 500 gr.
• Packs per box: 12
• EAN code: 8 007157000152
• Download PDF:
Pane Carasau
package of 1000 gr.
• Packs per box: 6
• EAN code: 8 007157000343
• Download PDF:



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