"Kantos" is a such innovative product that comes from combination of lightness and the tasty bakery products of Fratelli Carta. It is a crispy snack that respects the tradition and genuineness of Sardinian products.

The Bakery of Fratelli Carta has created this appetizing and light product , perfect for every palate, "Kantos" is to be eaten in any moment of the day . It is a delicious snack on its own, perfect with aperitif, as a snack or served on the meal.

"Kantos" is the result of an inspiration of creativity thanks to the millenarian experience in satisfying gourmets.
A recipe made with selective ingredients for exalting the quality of a delicious snack.





 Ingredients                                               Nutrition facts Technical Information                                        
 • Grinded durum wheat;
 • Water;
 • Vegetable oil;
 • Salt;
 • Yeast;
 • Malt extract

 • Calories: 526 (2193) Kcal (kJ)
 • Protein: 9,2 g
 • Carbohydrates: 14,1 g
   wherein sugar: 2,4 g
 • Fat: 33,0 g
   wherein saturated fat: 14,1 g
 • Dietary fiber: 4,3 g
 • Sodium,: 1,3 g

• Expiry date:180 days
• Packing:
  - box: cm L. 55 x P. 39 x  H. 20,02
  - n° boxes per layer on pallet: 4
  - n° layers per pallet: 10






package of 30 gr.
• Packs per unit: 72
• EAN code: 8 007157000374
• Download PDF:
package of 70 gr.
• Packs per unit: 30
• EAN code: 8 007157000367
• Download PDF:
package of 200 gr.
• Packs per unit: 20
• EAN code: 8 007157000381
• Download PDF:
   package of 200 gr.
• Packs per unit: 20
• EAN code: 8 007157000275
• Download PDF:



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